email address validator

Email verification is an integral part of any email marketing strategy. It can significantly reduce your bounce rate and keep your list clean of invalid, stale and disposable addresses. It can also save you money on email sending costs and prevent your sender reputation from being blacklisted.

Email address validator is an automated process that uses a set of rules to review the permission status and inbox health of an email address. It checks if the email address is valid, has the correct syntax, exists on a reliable domain and can receive emails (whether the email address is active or not).

Enhancing Email Marketing Effectiveness with Email Verifiers: Tips and Tools

Most marketers use an email validation service when they are uploading an email list to their ESP (Email Service Provider) because they do not want to risk their reputation by sending out an email campaign to an invalid list. The email validation service will scrub the list for bad addresses, cleaning up the data to make it usable and deliverable.

It is a good idea to validate email lists on a regular basis, not just when you are preparing to launch an email campaign. People make mistakes when entering their email address and a simple typo in an unused email account can result in your emails being discarded, bounced or even recycled into spam traps.

A real-time email validation solution that you can integrate into your web forms can verify the validity of an email address in real time and display a warning to the user if it is invalid within a few seconds. Email validation can be used for opt-ins, newsletters, product and service updates, event registrations, contest entries, downloads and anywhere else an email address is required to be entered.