The red light panel is a red light therapy device that produces the same skin benefits as LED face masks but also produces a wider range of health and wellness benefits — such as hormonal support, muscle recovery, and more. These devices are typically less expensive than LED face masks and have a bigger treatment area.

When shopping for a red light panel, look for one that emits a high amount of power and has an easy-to-use interface with digital displays, built-in timers and fans to help keep your skin cool during sessions. You should also look at a panel’s irradiance or energy output. This number tells you how potent the device is and will dictate how much of your body it can treat in a session. A general rule of thumb is to choose a panel that delivers at least six inches of irradiance.

Revitalize Your Health and Beauty with Red Light Panels: Benefits and Best Practices

While some red light panel manufacturers use misleading information to trick consumers, there are plenty of good choices available. Look for a device that has been tested by a third-party lab, is medical-grade, and offers a warranty in case something goes wrong.

Some of our favorite red light panel options include the OptiGlo Portable, which comes with door hooks and hanging hardware to make it easy to hang in your bathroom or bedroom. This device features a digital display and self-timer, and can even be used with a smartphone app to control it remotely. The iRevive Red and Infrared LED Panel from aNatLife is another great option, with two different modes to meet your needs: a standard red mode and a near-infrared setting for deep tissue penetration.