When you’re playing a sport where one play can end your life, it’s only natural that players and coaches try to do whatever they can to increase their chances of victory. Whether it’s stuffing a rabbit’s foot down their game pants or leaving their lucky underwear on the bench, rituals and superstitions are big business in the world of professional การพนันออนไลน์.

For players and teams, these pregame activities can be just as important as practice, nutrition and training. Some players and coaches even consider their rituals to be a form of mental preparation. In the NFL, these irrational practices are common among players and have been around for years.

Touchline Traditions: Exploring Football Superstitions and Rituals

A football superstition is any ritual a player or team performs before a game that they believe will bring them luck. It can include anything from listening to the same song before every game to parking in the same spot at the stadium. Some of the most interesting ones, though, involve bizarre rituals that are completely out of this world.

John Terry, for instance, once revealed that he and Frank Lampard started queuing up for a particular urinal in the locker room before Chelsea FC games. They would always make sure they used that one and hoped it’d help them win the match. While this may sound like a simple quirk, it actually has a lot of power and can be pretty effective.