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best boxing gloves women

Women have smaller hands than men, so best boxing gloves women made for them must take this into account. Women can use gloves designed for men if they wish, but these might be bulkier on the outside and may not have tight enough wrist support. This is why gloves developed specifically for women are preferred.

The RDX model is a good example of how these gloves are designed for the female body. It features a mesh palm and thumb to control sweat. Sweaty hands are a serious problem during boxing workouts, since they can lead to mistakes and bad punches. Fortunately, this brand has taken this issue seriously and developed these boxing gloves for women with good breathability.

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In addition to this, the RDX model has a long cuff wrist support, ensuring that your wrists stay protected even during intense boxing training. This feature is particularly important for females, since a weak wrist can lead to serious injuries. This model is also suitable for beginners and it has plenty of sizes to fit all kinds of fists.

Another excellent choice is the Fairtex Microfibre boxing glove. This model is used by many top fighters in MMA and it is known for its durability and longevity. It is also very light and it is a very good option for women who are planning to do cardio-based boxing training, as opposed to sparring or hitting the heavy bag. The glove has a good grip and the velcro wrist lock is secure and will stay in place throughout the workout. This model is available in different color options, including black.

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