Buying Private Car Number Plates

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There are a few advantages to obtaining private car number plates for your vehicle. You will have your own unique registration number for the duration of the plate’s validity. Besides being unique, private number plates will save you a lot of money in road tax and VED. You can also have your vehicle’s MOT and tax records updated as well. The DVLA will send you an Electronic Number Plate Authorisation Certificate via email. Your new V5C logbook will also be issued.

Something That Will Stay In Fashion

To purchase private number plates, the DVLA website has a search function that allows you to enter your search criteria and browse the available plates. Alternatively, you can visit authorized dealers’ websites to buy a plate. There are several factors that determine the price of private number plates. Generally, private plate auctions are more expensive than buying them directly from the DVLA. In addition, private number plates can be personalized and come with a history.

Buying a private number plate is an excellent way to add a unique touch to your vehicle. These personalised registrations are available in a variety of formats and combinations of characters. The price of these plates starts at $245. You can also get a customized ID plate for a price as high as $352,411.

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