Controlled Demolition Services

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For structures that pose a safety risk or are otherwise unsuitable for traditional demolition methods, controlled demolition services offer the best solution. Highly experienced demolition engineers create a detailed plan specifying the placement of explosive charges within the structure. The charges are then wired and detonated in sequence, bringing down the building with precise timing and ensuring that any nearby structures are not impacted. The result is a clean and safe site and the satisfaction of the building’s owner or developer.This link :

The physics involved in controlled demolition is extremely complex, which is why the process requires superior skill and knowledge of engineering. But it is also why it can be a good choice for many buildings that would be impossible to flatten any other way. CDI’s demolition experts have brought down numerous iconic buildings and structures, including the Kingdome in Seattle (the largest concrete dome in the world) and the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago to make way for the new CenturyLink Field.

Choosing the Right Company for Controlled Demolition Services

Remote control technology has made it possible to replace large crews of people working with handheld pneumatic breakers and other power tools. This allows contractors to increase productivity while lowering labor costs and eliminating safety risks.

With an operating distance of up to 300m, remote control units physically distance employees from harmful silica dust and vibrations caused by common demolition tools such as breakers and rivet busters. These health and safety concerns are responsible for a significant number of compensation claims and insurance premiums on demolition sites and can be avoided by using remote-controlled equipment.

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