Data Visualization Storytelling

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data visualization storytelling

data visualization storytelling is the art of converting numbers into meaningful, engaging and easily understood insights that influence business decisions. It’s a key aspect of effective content marketing and one that requires both domain expertise about the data and visual design skills to create compelling and persuasive stories.

To build a data story that resonates, you’ll need to know your audience and how your insights will impact them. A well-rounded narrative provides the context that enables your audience to connect dots, recognize trends and ultimately act on the data insights. It’s about knowing what information to present, how to structure it and when to bring in data charts and graphs.

The Power of Data Visualization: Crafting Compelling Stories with Numbers

Using the right type of visualization software is important but so is having a clear understanding of what it takes to convey the story you want your audience to hear. Learn how to use the best practices for effective design to reduce cognitive load by meeting your audience where they are, paring the information down to the essential, designing thoughtfully, and using color strategically.

A data story must be emotionally compelling and enlightening to drive action. To do that, you need to create a character profile that mirrors your audience—what their goals are, how their work or project will be impacted and how the success or failure of those outcomes will make them feel. Then you need to show how the data insights will help them achieve those goals, meet their expectations or get ahead of the competition.

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