Drive Thru Markings Clearly Indicate Traffic Flow, Lane Directions & Parking Areas

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Drive Thru Markings

Drive Thru Markings: Clearly Indicate Traffic Flow, Lane Directions & Parking Areas

A Drive Thru Marking is essential for maintaining the functionality and safety of your car park. However, over time the stripe lines of your drive-thru can fade and make it difficult to tell where a driver should stop their vehicle while awaiting service. This can cause cars to crowd in close together and possibly even knock into each other while waiting. Fortunately, fading is an easy fix and can be solved with a simple restriping.

Navigating with Precision: How Drive-Thru Markings Keep Things Moving

The process of installing pavement markings requires thoroughly preparing the surface and then heating thermoplastic material to a hot state. This material is then painted onto the roadway to create clearly-marked drive-thru and car park markings. Thermoplastics are extremely durable and last much longer than traditional paint, making them an excellent option for car park striping.

During the construction of the new Walgreens on Dryden Place in Arlington Heights, somebody goofed on some of the new pavement markings near this store’s entrance and exit. This error may cause drivers entering from Dryden to become confused, leading to rear-end collisions with cars headed towards the drive thru. Clearly, the northeast corner of the lot needs new pavement markings to indicate proper drive-thru lane directions.

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