How to Use Instagram Stickers to Enhance Your Story

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car instagram stickers

Instagram Stories Stickers Make Your Content More Interesting

Instagram car sticker | Vinyl Status  are a popular way to add interest and engagement to your Stories. They are animated, clickable, and can be customized to your brand’s specific needs. Simply tap the smiley face icon on top of your Story’s editing options to choose from a variety of stickers.

Get More Feedback from Your Audience with Survey Stickers

Using poll, emoji slider, question, and quiz stickers can help you gather user-generated content that can then be shared as Stories on your Instagram page. This is an effective and inexpensive way to get feedback on new products, new services, or anything else that may be relevant for your audience.

Roll in Style: How to Create Instagram Car Stickers That Reflect Your Personality

Music stickers are a great way to get users interested in your brand by incorporating their favorite songs into your Story content. From lip syncing along on video to playing holiday music over a photo, music stickers are a versatile way to connect with your audience through shared taste and interests.

Tag Other Businesses with Mention or Location Stickers

Getting your audience to talk about your brand is key to creating an impact on the social media landscape, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to tag other brands and business owners in your Stories. This will generate more exposure, and could even encourage them to share your content in the future.

Adding Instagram stickers to your Story can be a fun way to make your Stories more engaging, but it takes some work to ensure your sticker is properly formatted and that you don’t get any errors when uploading it to the app. For this reason, we recommend submitting your sticker artwork in Illustrator or another design program before printing so that you can be sure it will print correctly on your sticker sheet.

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