Men’s Body Wax Training Courses

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Licensed estheticians can enhance their skills and expand their services by offering men’s body waxing. Taking a special course in this area can help therapists build their business and attract new clients. Men’s waxing treatments include back, chest and shoulders, arms, neck, bikini and genital area, buttocks, nostrils, and ears. These procedures can be a little more intense than those on females, so it is important for estheticians to take the time to train carefully on Brazilian Wax Training & Academy’s website.

Is wax better than shaving?

The male Brazilian wax, also known as the’manzilian’, is one of the most popular hair removal services for men. This advanced waxing class from Perron Rigot teaches therapists to carry out the treatment safely and competently. The course covers facial and body waxing using strip and non-strip waxes, specifically the brand’s Cirepil Cristal Ocean (strip) and Euroblonde (non-strip).

It is important to know that a manzilian service should not be performed immediately after working out at a gym or playing sports because sweat can interfere with the adherence of the wax and make it more difficult to remove the hair. A client should also avoid wearing deodorant on the day of their waxing, as this may also prevent the wax from adhering.

The consultation process is also important for this type of waxing because it will help the therapist determine any contraindications that could prevent the service from being safe and effective. The therapist can then suggest alternatives, and advise the client on ways to reduce their risk of ingrown hairs and re-growth between sessions. For example, they can recommend that the client use Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask to soothe the skin after the treatment and to help with the prevention of future ingrown hairs.

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