Rain Gutter Installation and Maintenance

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Gutters prevent rainwater from spilling over the edge of your roof, washing away or damaging siding and windows, and soaking into your basement and weakening the foundation. However, gutters must be properly installed and maintained to function correctly. It’s important to hire a professional company that has experience in hanging very long sections of gutter and is familiar with working safely from ladders. In addition, a professional can often get gutter materials at wholesale prices, and save you money in the long run by preventing costly mistakes.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior: Rain Gutter Installation Essentials

Rain gutter installation includes securing hangers to the fascia board and rafter tails, installing downspouts, and ensuring that the entire system slopes downward. A 1/4 inch slope over every ten feet is recommended to ensure that gravity will carry the water toward downspouts, rather than pooling and overflowing. Keeping your gutters clean and maintaining their proper pitch is also essential for good functioning.

If you want your gutters to look even more attractive, you can add downspout elbows and a splash block at the end of each downspout section. These add a bit of decorative flair to your home’s exterior and help keep the gutters from overflowing during heavy rainfall.

If your gutters need repair, you can splice them together using gutter sealant and gutter connectors. When splicing gutter sections, be sure to overlap them by at least four inches, and leave the best-looking factory-cut ends on the outside if possible.

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