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Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran player, if you are looking for a soft-feeling ball with great distance, the taylormade burner ball feel is a great option. It’s made with two-piece construction and has a soft cover that will give you a soft feel on approach shots. But the Burner also offers high-launch qualities, and a hint of cushion that will help improve your short game.

What year is TaylorMade Burner?

The Burner is also soft off the tee. The soft feel of the ball will give you excellent feedback from your tee shot, and the soft cover will also help to give you a solid touch on your approach. But while the Burner is soft and delivers a great distance, it does have a tendency to roll a little bit on greens. This is because of the soft cover, which has an ionomer construction.

The Burner also has a special layer at the center of the ball that will help to limit spin. The special layer is located at the center of the ball, and will allow the ball to transfer energy from the club to the ball. This layer will help to limit spin on the driver and driver off the driver, as well as the spin on your wedge shot.

The Burner also has a low-compression core. This allows for the ball to sail farther than other balls of its ilk. The ball’s high launch angle will also increase distance. The Burner also has a 360-dimple lothane 61 exterior that helps to keep the ball from swaying during windy conditions.

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