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trading 212 review

If you’re an advanced Trading 212 reviewer looking for a great app and an easy to use platform, trading 212 is definitely worth a look. It’s super simple to use, and has a huge range of investment options (shares and etfs) that you can invest in – and they’re commission-free. You can also lend out shares for interest, and earn interest on your cash – even better, all of that is tax-efficient in the UK. Customer service is fantastic too.

The website is very well designed, offering a lot of helpful information to help with understanding investing, technical analysis and more. It has a decent number of educational videos and articles, plus an active community forum that can be very useful for beginners and more advanced traders alike.

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It offers real-time data on shares, indices and commodity prices and has a good news feed that can provide useful insight into market trends and strategies. The website also includes an economic calendar, with the web trader and app versions able to show upcoming event impact and help you understand volatility levels.

It’s not totally fee-free, but the fees are quite low compared to other brokers. You can deposit and withdraw funds in multiple currencies, which is nice for avoiding currency conversion fees if you’re an international trader, and it has a good amount of different options for automated trading. You can also earn interest on your cash, with rates varying and details available here.

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