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Vape Store

A Vape Store is a place where people can purchase e-cigarettes and other vaping equipment and accessories. Typically, these stores offer a wide variety of flavors for customers to choose from. Additionally, many of these stores have staff on hand to answer questions about how to use a specific product. They also help to maintain a clean environment, which is important for health and safety reasons.

The popularity of vapor products has led to an increase in the number of vape shops in many areas. These businesses have become common even in luxury shopping districts, and some of them are opening locations that would be considered inappropriate for traditional tobacco stores. This has raised concerns that the proliferation of these outlets may be targeting vulnerable communities in ways similar to those used by tobacco companies in the past.

Exploring the Vast Selections at Your Local Vape Store

While the market for nicotine-vapes is relatively small, it is still growing rapidly. This means that vape stores must be constantly adjusting their inventory to reflect the latest tech and popular flavor trends. In addition, it is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and events.

This study analyzes the spatial distribution of vape shops and convenience stores and how their location relates to neighborhood sociodemographics in Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, and Seattle. Using Yelp and Google application programming interfaces, 459 vape shops were identified and geocoded to census tracts. Logistic regressions indicated that, relative to other sources of vaping products, vape shops were located in areas with higher percentages of non-White residents (Bostean et al., 2018) and lower incomes (Dai et al., 2017).

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